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About Us & History

About US

“SOCAR-KBR” Limited Liability Company is a joint-venture legal entity established in 2015 by SOCAR & Kellogg Brown and Root Services B.V. (KBR).
Bringing together SOCAR’s experience as an operator with KBR’s project delivery experience, “SOCAR-KBR” LLC was formed with the purpose of providing services and works on design, engineering, technical, procurement, construction services and project management, preparation of technical requirements, and another scope of works on all stages of projects, contract supervision, planning and costs control, controlling implementation schedules of projects, preparation of studies integration processes, inspection services, training and development of the local personnel’s knowledge and expertise, technology selections, contractor selections, supervision of contractors through all project stages, supervision of start-up, construction, performance tests and services related to upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas sectors, etc.,  primarily in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The joint agreement between SOCAR and KBR represents KBR’s ability to bring consistent and valuable training and educational programs to the region and looks to mobilizing KBR’s management and execution expertise, systems, and procedures to support SOCAR’s success in current and future projects. It is also a strong partnership that supports the realization of SOCAR’s ambition to create a world-class Azerbaijan-based engineering company.

Board of Directors & Management Team

Board Of Directors

Mr. Yashar Latifov

SOCAR Vice President for Field Development

Mr. Ilham Nasirov

Deputy General Manager of SOCAR's Investments Division

Mr. Fakhraddin Ismayilov

Director of SOCAR's Oil and Gas Research and Design Institute

Mr. Ahmed Al-Dadah

KBR Senior Vice President, Integrated Solutions - International

Mr. Jalal (Jay) Ibrahim

KBR President – Sustainable Technology Solutions

Mr. Michael Daly

KBR Vice-President, CFO – Sustainable Technology Solutions

Management Team 

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-02 at 11.42.54.jpeg

Rashad Shabanov

General Manager


Nazim Qasimov

Deputy General Manager on Administrative Affairs


Tural Karimov

Projects Delivery Manager


Sevinj Aliyeva

Finance Manager

Alp Kurum

Business Development Manager


Fuad Aliyev

Legal & Compliance Manager


Saida Gurbanova

HR Manager


Kamran Aliyev

HSE Manager


Farid Huseynov

Quality Manager


Ali Huseynov

IT Manager


Safak Vural

Project Controls  Manager

BoD & Managment Team
Mission & Values

Mission, Values and Corporate Social Responsibility 


Our mission is to achieve a world class recognition as an Azerbaijan-based engineering company and safely deliver any project in any environment for the benefit of our clients, shareholders, employees, and the communities we serve.



⦁    Commitment to quality, health, safety, security, and the environment
⦁    Solid working environment based on mutual trust, equal opportunities, diversity, respect and success
⦁    Transparency, accountability and discipline in our business
⦁    Best-in-class risk awareness
⦁    Integrity in everything we do
⦁    Financial responsibility to our stakeholders 


Corporate Social Responsibility 

“SOCAR-KBR” LLC considers corporate social responsibility as an important component of its business activities and maintains a high degree of social responsibility towards its employees, as well as the public in general in geographies in which it operates, towards society and the Republic of Azerbaijan as a whole.

Within the Corporate Social Responsibility policy, We:

⦁    contribute to the development of the communities of our presence in the sphere of social construction, improvement of localities
⦁    implement measures to protect the environment
⦁    develop and implement a variety of social programs and activities for our employees
⦁    maintain charity and sponsorship as well as other social activities.

Quality, HSE & SEcurity

“SOCAR-KBR” LLC management takes the necessary steps to develop, deploy and maintain an Integrated Management System (IMS) throughout the organization which is appropriate to the nature, scale, and potential risks and impacts of its services.  The IMS provides the framework for setting and reviewing QHSSE objectives and targets and communicates the implementation, assessment, and improvement of this system.
Through active commitment and accountability towards HSSE from all management, employees/secondees, and contractors, an incident-free work environment with a Zero Harm 24/7, Courage to Care culture is achieved and sustained.
Management considers effective HSSE management, together with the delivery of quality service, to be a core value and is fully committed to continuous improvement across all these areas.

World Clean-up Day in Azerbaijan-21 Sep

“SOCAR-KBR” LLC is committed to:
Minimizing risks to employees/secondees who may be exposed to potential occupational HSSE risks associated with the delivery of services;
Minimizing environmental impacts that may be associated with the delivery of services;
Complying with applicable legislation, relevant industry standards, and Contractual Quality requirements;
Reviewing opportunities to improve upon processes through audits and lessons learned; 
Delivering services that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Each secondee and sub-contractor is accountable for working in a manner consistent with this commitment statement.  All are expected to organize, define, plan, execute, control and verify the quality of their work in accordance with all HSSE requirements and take action to identify, correct and prevent nonconformities.
Each project implements the IMS which is in compliance with the International Organization for Standardization standards, ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO: 14001 for Environment and OHSAS: 18001 for Occupational, Health and Safety Assessment Series.
“SOCAR-KBR” LLC works closely with sub-contractors and suppliers to continually measure, analyze, review and improve the effectiveness of the IMS so that the business objectives and customer needs are met while balancing environmental, social and economic impacts. 
“SOCAR-KBR” LLC’s commitment to Health, Safety, Environment & Security has resulted in unprecedented safety performance throughout the years. Each pillar commitment represents the fostering of a safe and healthy workplace. Company’s journey to Zero Harm encompasses our employees' willingness to truly implement each commitment into their daily work tasks and at home.



The mental health and well-being of each of our workers plays a critical role in our safety performance. Employees must be able to perform their job tasks in a safe and effective manner and be fit for duty. 


Employees not only take ownership for themselves when it comes to safety but must have the willingness to intervene with a Courage to Care Conversation with others when observing at-risk behaviors. Safety maxims known as The Absolutes include this commitment and are non-negotiable Company safety standards that shall be observed and followed by employees and contractors at all locations and projects.


SOCAR-KBR is working to reduce waste in our operations by reusing and recycling products. When purchasing office supplies, we will seek materials made from sustainable sources. We will also encourage our suppliers to follow these environmentally friendly practices.


SOCAR-KBR is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors. To support our mission, preventative measures are put in place to reduce risk to our workers such as locating offices in safe areas and providing appropriate office security. Travel destinations and venues are reviewed to support those traveling within the organization and transportation services.

World Clean-up Day in Azerbaijan-21 Sep
Quality, HSE & Safety 
Ethics & Compliance

Ethics & Compliance

The Company adopted the “Code of Business Conduct Policy” to establish a common set of ethical standards and legal principles that the Company expects Employees to exhibit when dealing with clients, communities, and each other. The Company also expects Third Parties working for or on behalf of the Company to adhere to these same ethical standards.

Goodwill, welfare, development, and success of the Company largely depend on the atmosphere inside the Company and the attitude of the Government Authorities, investors, partners, Counterparties, and other parties towards the Company. Their confidence is achieved by the Company’s continuous adherence to high standards of an ethical, honest, and socially responsible way of doing business. Thereupon, in addition to the Company’s compliance with the rules and regulations of the Applicable Legislation and its Charter, it establishes and adheres to business ethics standards of doing business and sets an example of legal and ethical obligations and values in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The Code is based on the beliefs, values, and professionalism of its management and reflects the commitment of the Company and its Employees to high ethical standards of doing business transparently and honestly to improve the corporate culture, to follow the best practices of corporate governance, and to maintain the Company’s business reputation at an appropriate level. The Company will not condone any illegal or unethical actions.

The Code is designed in compliance with the requirements of the Applicable Legislation and corresponds to generally accepted standards of business conduct and ethics.

⦁    do business fairly, strictly adhering to our obligations, maintaining a reputation as a reliable partner, and also provide transparency of transactions and deals;
⦁    strictly observe applicable legislation and also take into account cultural traditions and customs of business conduct where we operate;
⦁    are considering the constant improvement of our effectiveness as a strategic objective, the achievement of which allows carrying out social projects, to improve the welfare of our employees, society, and the Republic of Azerbaijan as a whole;
⦁    intend to create and maintain a solid working environment where all our employees are provided with equal opportunities to develop their professional skills and talents.

The Company recognizes that to succeed with its strategy for continued growth, it must build a company whose business philosophy is based on sustainability and balances economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Accordingly, the objectives of the Code are to:

⦁    develop and implement clear uniform business ethics standards as well as key principles of Employees’ professional conduct within the Company and while communicating with Third Parties;
⦁    create and maintain an atmosphere of honesty, integrity, trust, and mutual respect in the Company;
⦁    increase the transparency of the Company and credibility from the side of Government Authorities, partners, suppliers, customers, and other Third parties;
⦁    reduce reputational risks associated with Employees’ unethical behavior or behavior which could be objectively thought of as unethical and/or non-compliant with the Applicable Legislation.

While doing business, the Company encourages and follows these principles:

⦁    Legitimacy
⦁    Effectiveness
⦁    Honesty and Openness
⦁    Professionalism and competence 
⦁    Corporate Social Responsibility.

Further, the Company:

⦁    Provides equal opportunities and ban any kind of discrimination
⦁    Prohibits the use of alcohol, drugs, and other means
⦁    Prevents disrespectful behavior, violence, and threats
⦁    Protects confidentiality of sensitive information and personal data
⦁    Prohibits bribery and improper payments
⦁    Maintain proper disclosure and whistleblowing mechanisms.

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